KAWO renovation of a DN 1600 pipe in the body of D1 highway

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Reconstruction of a 85 m long culvert in the body of the D1 highway was realized in October 2016. The diameter of the culvert was variable, ranging from the DN 1650 to DN 1450. Bottom of the culvert was aligned to the straight line, which was the cause of a shrinking diameter of the pipe.  Wombat used the KAWO technology for the renewal of this piping. The liner was installed using cold water and cured with hot water. Due to the size of the liner there were quite high demands for heavy machinery. Heating of 165 cube meters was assured using 2 cars with boilers generating heat. Due to the reduction of the diameter creation of several wraps was expected. Our worries were excessive, as the wraps on the final product do not exceed demanding requirements of the investor.

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