SS-SYSTEM Method – Protection of Damaged Internal Piping via Semi-Structural Spraying

Semi-structural spraying technology is the first spraying technology which takes care of not only protection of the internal surfaces of the pipe, but also increases its structural integrity. The rehabilitation process is similar to that of other spraying techniques. After complete cleaning and camera inspection, the residual water is purged from the pipe using foam cylinders. The spray is applied by a special head with 25,000 RPM, ideally creating a layer 3 millimetres thick. The spray is usually applied in profiles of DN 100 to 800 in lengths of up to 150 meters in one technological step.

An important factor is the duration of the implementation of this method, which is only a few hours. The hardening time of the material is rather quick, reaching optimal strength values in 8 hours.

The semi-structural spraying technology not only protects the internal surface of the piping, it also creates a new structure inside the pipe, basically creating a so called “pipe-in-pipe”, providing excellent strength values to the newly rehabilitated piping. Compared to the original pipeline, the lifetime of the rehabilitated piping is increased by dozens of years.