M-SYSTEM Method – Protection of Internal Surfaces of Water Pipes with Epoxy Spray

From DN 80 mm to 500 mm

Protection of internal surfaces of water pipes with epoxy spray.
In 1997, a trenchless technology for rehabilitation of water pipelines was used for the first time – the M-System. This technology is applied when rehabilitating pipes of smaller profiles of DN 80 to 500, in particular in pipelines which, though waterproof, lack proper protection of the internal surfaces and decrease the quality of drinking water by discharging ions of iron into it and allow for the creation of sediments and larger incrustation.

The M-System technology is a trenchless water network rehabilitation method using epoxy resin spraying. The method ensures effective protection of internal surfaces of the pipe, extends pipe lifetime, prevents internal and point corrosion, improves hydraulic capacity and has no negative effects on the quality of drinking water.

Internal protective spraying is applied onto cleaned water mains. The pipeline must therefore be put out of commission for a short period of time. Drinking water is thus provided via an alternate source during rehabilitation, either through a surface pipeline or from water tanks.

The material used for protective spraying is based on two-component epoxy resins; it is resistant to moisture and does not contain dissolving agents or benzyl alcohol. The individual components of the material are mixed in a specific ratio according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This ratio is monitored by a device which measures the flow of resin and hardener. The device is connected to an alarm system which triggers if the specified mixture ratio margin is exceeded.

The application device consists of a compact unit which, in addition to a computer and a monitoring device, also includes separate tanks for the resin and the hardener. Coating is applied centrifugally; speed and frequency are monitored so that the minimal thickness of the layer is ensured.

Technical data:
the maximum length of individual treated sections – 120 mm
profiles of DN 80 to 500 mm
thickness of the spray layer 0.8 to 1.2 mm

The disadvantage of the classic cast-iron water mains is the sedimentation of incrustation on the internal surface of the pipe. This causes a decrease in the flow cross-section, increase of hydraulic loss and decreased quality of the water. Protecting the internal surface of the water main with epoxy spray removes these shortcomings.
The M-System technology used for this purpose has received a certificate for long-term contact of rehabilitation materials with drinking water.