Sewer Monitoring

Inspection of the condition of underground pipelines is performed using monitoring equipment manufactured by RAUSCH. We use an automotive camera extendable up to 180 meters. This system can be used for sewer mains of DN 150 to 1,800. Inspection of connections of DN 100 to 300 into the main header can be performed during the inspection of the header itself by extending the satellite camera into the connection on a telescopic rod.

For examination of sewer service pipes and vertical drainpipes of DN 35 to 150, a mechanical camera system of RIDGID extendable up to 30 meters can be used. Alternatively, a digital automotive camera RAUSCH extendable up to 150 meters can be used for profiles of DN 100 to 250.

The results of the monitoring are delivered on a CD/DVD with professional documentation of the inspection along with the option of 3D visualization of the inspected network. It is also possible to obtain the recorded footage in video format (MPEG 1/2/4) and digital images in JPEG format. The documentation is created according to the ATV standards or EN13508-2 with descriptions in Czech, Slovak, Polish or Russian.