OMEGA LINER – Fitting a Plastic Copolymer into Existing Pipelines

OMEGA LINER is a technology for trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pipes via a so called “dry process”. The pulled pipe is made of special PVC copolymer enriched with a number of admixtures giving it unique properties in comparison to conventional plastic. This technology is one of the so called CLOSE-FIT Relining technologies, where the fitted pipe closely fits to the existing damaged pipeline. The piping is pre-deformed during production and folded into a coil, which decreases its surface diameter by ca 40%. The resulting shape is reminiscent of the Greek omega letter. It is used for rehabilitation of pipelines of DN 250 to 400. After pulling the plastic copolymer from the coil into the piping, the OMEGA LINER will expand into the original round shape when exposed to sufficient heat and pressure, and will fit closely to the wall of the pipe.