The KAWO – Inject technology is a new trenchless technique which aids in connecting sewer service pipes into the sewer mains using grouting-based methods. This technique of repair is based on proper grouting of the faulty sewer service pipe connection into the sewer main. Using a special injection packer head results in perfect filling of cracks and leaks in the area of the connection with a quick setting resin. The KAWO – Inject technology is used to rehabilitate and repair sewer service connections of DN 150 to 250 DN 250 in less than manhole-sized profiles of DN 250 to 600. KAWO – Inject can also be used to repair defects, such as cracks, cavities and leaking necks within the sewer main path of DN 200 – 600. The mounting is done with the assistance of a camera after proper washout of the piping